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Private label & bespoke formulations

Developing a beauty brand is a beautiful marriage between art & chemistry. 

As a private label consultancy we address all aspects of the product - packaging, ingredients, function, texture, scent – must be inline with your brand identity. Therefore it’s important to start with your mission & brand identity. Once established, you then continue with the product development to determine the look, feel and scent of your products. 

All products must be tested to ensure they are safe to use by the consumer. Then there is the question of how to source ingredients, manufacture them and manage inventory. 

Katarina can help with all of this. If you only need assistance in formulating the products that is fine too. What ever you need for your beauty project, she's here to support you.  Katarina Stetz has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, from creating the brand identify & product development to manufacturing and supply chain management. Formulation and private label consultancy Katarina Stetz





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