There’s a misconception that preservatives should be avoided in skin care. Creating a personalised skin care product without preservative would be dangerous. Let us explain why.

Preservatives are substances that stop microorganisms growing. They can only grow if they have access to water, so all cosmetic products containing water must also contain preservatives.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, mould and yeast exist naturally on your skin and in your surroundings, but in small amounts. If they find themselves in a environment with water (such as a jar of face cream) they will start to grow in number and can eventually cause severe infections on your skin, eyes etc. Preservatives prevent this from happening.

We use preservatives that are gentle to the skin, for optimal protection*. However if you have sensitive skin, we recommend you read the ingredient list and do a patch test to avoid any reactions.


*All products containing water are by law required to pass a challenge test before they can be sold within the EU. A challenge test is a test done in a laboratory where the product is bombarded with a wide range of microorganisms to make sure that it’s safe to use.

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