Peptides are a group of compounds that consist of the same building blocks (amino acids) as proteins, but are smaller so have a better chance of penetrating your skin.


Some have displayed skin-rejuvenating properties, so are increasingly used in skin care. We’ve selected hydrolyzed lupine peptide for some of our personalized blends. It’s a naturally derived ingredient that can improve the appearance of ageing skin.


Peptides used in cosmetics can be divided into three categories: carrier peptides, signaling peptides and neurotransmitter-affecting peptides. Carrier peptides are used as a delivery vehicle of trace elements to the skin, such as copper. Copper can theoretically stimulate collagen production and slow down photoaging. Signal peptides interact with cells and cell signaling substances in your skin to increase the production of collagen and elastin. The neurotransmitter-affecting peptides numb the facial muscles to reduce wrinkles. This is done by injection and the use is highly regulated. Some peptides can also increase the blood flow to the skin, an important factor in keeping the skin healthy. Others may boost cell regeneration.

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