Ingredient list

To help you tailor your skin care, we’ve created a base of carefully selected ingredients. All our face creams contain a mixture of rosehip seed oil, thistle oil and crambe seed oil.

We’ve also designed blends of active ingredients. Our “My Day” blend contains protective antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin A derivatives, vitamin C and q10. Our “My Night” blend contains hyaluronic acid and peptides and is designed to rejuvenate your skin.

Our scents are mixtures of essential oils. One is refreshing and uplifting combination of rosemary and lemon. The other, a calming and soothing fusion of lavender and chamomile. You also have the option of an unscented product, which we recommend if you have sensitive skin.

The full ingredients list of your product will depend on your personal choices. Please select the links below to see the full list. If you have sensitive skin or are aware of any allergies, we recommend you carefully read the list to make sure your personalised skin care is suitable for you.


My Day

My Day with lemon and rosemary

My Day with lavender and chamomile

My Night

My Night with lemon and rosemary

My Night with lavender and chamomile


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