Personalised natural skin care: Personalised skin care from NINNI with natural scents

Scent is one of the most important features in a product. Next time you try a lotion, most likely you’ll put it on your skin and then smell it. The scent will affect you and even determine whether you buy the product or not. 

Fragrances can be divided into natural and synthetic. Natural fragrances are ones that are extracted from flowers and plants via distillation, expression or extraction. The chemical composition of natural fragrances will vary from year to year and also depends on the geographical location – similar to the way wine differs by vintage and vineyard. 

Synthetic fragrances are either created by chemical reactions (usually between petroleum based compounds). A midway is chemically modified natural substances.

Some think that natural fragrances are safer than synthetic fragrances; however, they are only sourced in different ways. Natural fragrances can also contain substances that could irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. So if you have sensitive skin, always check the label for any allergens (these are required by law to be listed in the ingredient list). Note that even though these substances are classified as allergens most people don’t react to them and can enjoy the lovely scents that essential oils and other type of fragrances bring.

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