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Science based beauty products crafted by formulator Katarina Stetz

Katarina Stetz is a Swedish cosmetic formulator and private label consultant with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has a dual master’s degree – one in chemical engineering and one in business & finance. 

She is also co-host of Farmer & Stetz, a weekly podcast for professionals in the beauty industry, indie brand owners and beauty geeks. They focus on  beauty facts vs fear mongering, life as independent brand owners & formulators as well as beauty industry news. Every now and then we interview key industry players in Europe and the US.

Katarina collaborates with influencers on social media & elsewhere to spread the joy of beauty & life as a formulator.

“I see formulating beauty products is an art form. Fine dining revolutionized the food industry and elevated dining to an experience. I want to do the same with beauty. Beauty products can be so much more than just a moisturizer. The combination of packaging, texture and scent stimulates all senses, and effects your mood and confidence, yet makes you skin look great”. 

by Ninni is a collection of micro brands, all unique. As a musician releases albums by Ninni releases 3-4 micro brands per year. 

 All products are sourced and manufactured sustainably.


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