The Beauty Dilemma

Posted on October 01 2020

Misinformation in beauty

The truth has turned fluid. Not sure when it happened but the viscosity of facts has gradually decreased, from cocoa butter to pentane. We see it everywhere; the beauty industry is no exception.

Team Clean – Team Science

In the beauty realm we have “team clean” & “team science”. Clean beauty advocates only to use ingredients that are natural, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty & chemical free, whilst team science is shouting “SLS are safe” in the wind.

The debate is more & more hostile. I know several “Team Science” members who are personally attacked on social media & threatened with defamation lawsuits on a regular basis.

I also know several brand owners who prefer to be safe rather than sorry & therefor avoid any ingredient that has ever been mentioned in the same paragraph as ”cancer” or “toxic”.

SLS is safe – who cares?

I struggle with the debate over all. Many days it seems superficial & pointless. Why focus on the message “ SLS is safe” whilst California is on fire & Covid cases are surging. Let’s be honest, we’ve got bigger fish to fry than convincing Facebook that parabens aren’t the devil.

Then again maybe this is exactly what we should do. The beauty industry has the perfect opportunity to create a glamour gateway to facts & science.

We can make science sexy.

Once we’ve caught the eye of the clean beauty members, we have a chance to start a conversation & share reliable & accessible information sources. Hopefully a constructive dialogue can solidify the facts in the beauty realm, and maybe even spread to other areas in social media.

The common enemy

It’s essential to find a common ground with “team Clean” before we start sharing our peer reviewed articles on why not all chemicals are toxic.

What do we share? We share fear; fear of having toxic products on the market, fear of further damaging the planet and fear of being misinformed & using ingredients that we think are safe but actually their not.

Let’s start addressing the fear. Once the fear is gone we can work on solidifying the facts again, and just maybe this can create a ripple effect to other areas on social media as well.

Worth a try, don’t you think?