Simple DIY Hand Spa

Posted on June 09 2020

How often do you pamper your hands? Most of us have a daily skin care routine for our skin, but neglect our hands. Our hands are constantly exposed to detergents, water and the surrounding air and deserves as much TLC as our face, especially now during the Covid 19 pandemic.

My Pieds by Ninni series was originally formulated for feet, however you can easily use the products for your hands as well. Here’s how:

DIY Hand Spa
Soak you hands in warm water and some foot soak (which in this case works as a hand soak) for 5 minutes.

Exfoliate your hands (thoroughly) with a scrub. I prefer the COOL scrub during the warm summer months. Rinse your hands with warm water,

Massage your hands with the balm. Best is to do this before bed and let the balm work over night. Your hands will wake up soft, nourished & hydrated.

    Take care of your hands this summer!


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