Pedicures – more than just pretty feet

Posted on November 06 2020

Natural Foot Care

Pedicures – a spa ritual that can easily be dismissed as vanity. I bet that most people think the only reason for a pedicure is to have beautiful feet & colorful nails you can show of in sandals. Taking care of your feet is much more than that; healthy strong feet will improve your posture & protect your joints.

Foot care – foundation care

Your feet are the foundation of your body – painful feet leads to bad posture & an unnatural walk. As your body compensates for the pain in your feet, you start moving knees & hips in the wrong way, and all of a sudden you have painful feet, knees, hips & lower back.

In my twenties I neglected my feet & wore high heels all the time – even in the lab (Why in the lab , you ask? I don’t know…). My feet were in constant pain, although I pretended I did not feel a thing (Why? I don’t know…)

Not only were my feet painful, they were also dry, so dry that my heels started to crack. I continued to ignore them and after a while the cracks had gone so deep I had problems walking (even in flats).

At 22 dry feet immobilised me; using a foot balm every night solved that problem.

Exercise your feet

I still love high heels, however I wear them cautiously. What also helped me is to strengthen & stretching my feet regularly, so they can carry me even in 5,5 inches.

Walking barefoot as much as possible is an easy way to strengthening & stretching small muscles in your feet. Stretching the arches of your feet is not just good for your feet, but will also increase the flexibility of you calf & hamstrings. An excellent bonus if you’re runner.

Last but not least the relaxation factor of an indulging foot massage, like the one at Lena Rose in Chicago, is priceless.

So no, foot care isn’t vain, it’s essential.

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