Face massage - why should you do it?

Posted on January 27 2020

A daily face massage for younger looking skin

A daily face massage is one of the most effective and natural anti aging remedies there is. I know what you’re thinking “a daily face massage, how on earth do you have time with that!?”. You don’t have to spend a lifetime each day. A few minutes (or 30 seconds) are better than nothing.

Benefits of a face massage

A face massage increase circulation and combats dry & dull skin. It’s a great way to get some glow now during winter. It can also help to with lymphatic drainage, i.e. “depuff” the skin. Ideal when you haven’t gotten enough beauty sleep.


Anti-aging face massage

A regular face massage is a natural anti-aging remedy. As we grow older our facial muscles tenses & “freezes” in certain facial expressions. This is what causes the classic lines on the forehead & in between the eyes. If you relax the muscles, by massaging them, they will be smoother and create a more even “foundation” for your skin. Hence your skin will look smoother - no botox required. Last but not least -it feels nice and it’s an excuse to treat yourself to a few minutes of self care every day.

Boost the face massage

To enhance the effects of the face massage you can use a beauty bar. Thanks to it’s vibrations it’s especially good for depuffing the face. Stroke the bar gently from the middle of the forehead out to towards your temples. Then stroke it gently under the eye, from the nose out toe the sides. Finally stroke it from the chin up towards the temples. For best effect use apply a face oil or serum before using the beauty bar. The goodness of the oil will boost the effects of the beauty bar.

Go on treat yourself to some daily self-care

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